Respect of local Culture

Respect of local Culture

Secrets Resorts & Spa, and Breathless Montego Bay – Guidelines for Guests

Respect and Safety in Jamaica

Many Jamaican people are very generous and warm. Returning this warmth and friendliness is a great way to show them you appreciate their country. Cultural respect is very important and a simple please and thank you will go a far way. When speaking to the elderly you should say,  “Yes mam.” or “Yes, sir”. Good manners should be displayed at all times.

Respect the environment and the people’s culture. It is a simple rule of thumb that should always applied when travelling abroad. Don’t expect that everyone will respect you, however. Jamaica, its surroundings and environment must be kept clean and pristine. The preservation of the natural habitat for the Island’s birds, marine life, rivers and other wild life is the responsibility of every traveler to Secrets Resorts & Spa in Jamaica. Travelers to the island and Secrets Resorts & Spa must not litter, deface or destroy any of the natural environment /habitats that would affect the ecological /social lives/livelihood of the Jamaican people, place, soil or environment in any way.   When visiting cultural and historical sites please do not remove artifacts or protected flora and fauna from the areas. Ask first if you want to take photographs of any activity, dance or  deity worship events . Always consult with the tour guide/ chaperone if you are unsure about acceptable behavior.

Montego Bay is similar to every big little city in the  world. Crime can occur anywhere at any time. Individuals are cautioned to  not to venture into unfamiliar areas without a chaperone.

Security Guidelines :

  • Travel with a valid photo ID and emergency contact
  • Passport should be properly secured at the guest’s room, where possible in a safe
  • Preferably utilize the ATM on property ( located in the Shopping Area).
  • If you are off property , use ATMs in visible lit areas
  • When departing the hotel, log your name with Loss Prevention , always inform someone of your whereabouts

Police/ Emergency Number:

  • Freeport Police Station : 684-9080
  • Barnett Street Police Station: 952-2333
  • Emergency Number: 119/ 911/112
  • Hotel’s Number: 953-6600

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